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How Many Assholes Run This Government

@ 02:57 AM (66 months, 9 hours ago)
It doesn't take anyone to run the government because nobody is doing anything to help the people of this country. The government is a business and in business, the most important thing you can do is make money. Obama that brainless moron boy said that we wouldn't be taxed yet now it looks as if we are going to be taxed to hell and back and then some just because his government, hell the whole government finds it fun to steal our cash so they can have a wonderful life while the rest of us die because we can't even buy food.

There was a time in this country when "we the people" were actually in control and we actually told elected officials what we wanted done and they (sometimes) listened. Now it is different. The jack ass idiots in all government positions seem to believe that they are the ones in control and they make all of the rules and "we the people" must follow the rules they make. So many people in this country are so damn blind it is absolutely amazing. They don't see the Constitution as being all that important and unfortunately, those assholes who feel that way share the same feeling with the nazi government that we have here in the good ole' USA today. There are many in government who live only to take our rights away. They slip new bills into the works to try and change things without us knowing.

A really good example is gun laws. Have you seen what Chicago and California have done to the rights of the people? They have taken all of their rights away and it doesn't seem like anyone even gives a rats ass that their rights have been violated. Look at England and Australia. They lost all of their rights and all of their guns have been taken away. Does this remind you of anyone? Adolf Hitler did the same thing in his jerk off country before he started killing everyone in death camps. When are people going to learn that the government is not your friend, you can't hire a good politician because there is no such thing!

Now so many people say that a Republican is better than a Democrat or that a Democrat is better than a Republican or that an Independent beats one or the other but the truth of the matter is that ALL politicians are complete blithering ass hats and they all need to go and suck a fat one. See, politicians become politicians because they have an agenda. Why else would people do it? The pay sucks so there must be another reason. That reason is to pretend as if they are someone important and to bully "we the people" around so they can fulfill their power trip.

It really is that simple and if you don't mind a bunch of government assholes taking away your rights, I guess it doesn't matter to you. But for the rest of us who are sick and tired of these assholes, it is time to start firing all of these creeps.

Obama said "yes we can" and I guess that's true if "yes we can" means yes we can destroy the country even more than Bush did and the "change" that Obama talked so much about must actually mean that he is going to change the way we are allowed to get medical care and he is going to change the way we can eat, breathe, and take a fat crap on our toilet.

This country is going in the shitter and it has nothing to do with republicans or democrats or independents... It has to do with corrupt jerk offs called politicians. We need to kick them all out of the country and start over with a new plan, cause this one is not working.