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Al Sharpton is a Stupid Asshole and thats a fact

@ 10:10 PM (95 months, 26 days ago)

Oh boy, I wonder if this one will get anyone upset.

I have been holding my breath for awhile now on this asshole fruit cake but I am unable to keep my mouth shut now.

Al Sharpton is the biggest asshole I have ever seen in my life. Besides being an asshole, he is a shit head, a bastard and a big fat jerk off. This dumb ass is on CNN right now and after watching this interview, I just had to talk about this stupid dick.

Al (the bitch) Sharpton was the one who got Imus fired because of his racial jokes about some girls at a college. Al (the stupid bastard) Sharpton was just interviewd about words he used in a debate and he was quoted as saying something about the only mormon running for office doesnt believe in god so they cant win against those who do. I find that to be a pretty damn racist thing to say and its certainly no better than calling someone a "nappy ass ho" or whatever Imus said. Al (the dickless wonder child) Sharpton needs to go and shoot himself right between the eyes because he is nothing more than a stupid ass trouble maker with no brains. He is like a stupid little child who has found out that if he kicks and screams alot, he will get things for nothing.

He always talks about race and how everyone who is non-black is a racist and how we are holding the black man down and not letting him get ahead. People like Al (the ass licker) Sharpton, who use the race card for EVERYTHING are disgusting little slugs who need to go to hell on an express train. I am so sick and tired of these people saying that everything that happens to them is someone elses fault. Just because you may happen to be black, this does not mean that you will live in a ghetto and if you do live in a ghetto, dont get pissed off at white people and say its our fault, get pissed off at yourself for not getting yourself out of there. We are all humans (assholes) and we have choices and we can take action to change ourselves. You do not need alot of money or alot of knowledge to get yourself into a better situation and that is a fact. If you are unhappy, fix it with hard honest work and do whatever it takes to get yourself in a better situation.QUIT BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE YOU clueless assholes!

just for all of you assholes who think I'm a racist, no actually I'm not. WAIT, yes I am!!! I am racist against anyone who uses the race card and uses it on purpose to further their own agenda as Al (the big fat rat ass bastard boy) Sharpton does.

I am completely sick of this guy and I know I am not the only one who hates his stinking guts. I would love to see this bitch get hit by a bus and just be gone from us all because all he is, is a cartoon character. Just another fruit cake who makes no sense and will say anything he wants because he knows that if anyone says anything against him, he can just pull out the happy race card he carries in his ass and say "I'm black so you cant be mean to me".

Ok, that was my venting and now I feel much better. If you dont like this post, I dont care. Its the truth and you know it. If you say its not, youre either playing a race card yourself or you are just stupid.

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